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Archive for April 2017

Is Fall Risk Really a Danger for Your Senior Loved One?

Senior Care Issaquah WA-In your role as a family caregiver, understanding the most serious risks that your senior parent faces is a critical element of keeping them as safe and healthy as possible throughout their later years. One of the most pressing risks that seniors face is fall risk.

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Pancake Breakfast and Health Fair

Elder Care Puyallup WA-We were happy to attend the Pancake Breakfast and Health Fair at the Puyallup Activity Center. It was a wonderful opportunity to provide the elders in our community with information about the services we offer and send them home with an informational packet regarding high blood pressure and how to manage it.

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Reducing Mental Decline in the Elderly

Home Care Services Federal Way WA-There was a time when researchers believed that the decline in mental abilities such as memory and learning new processes was a normal part of aging. Studies conducted in recent years have contradicted that premise.

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Bird Watching in Spring for Elders

Elder Care Renton WA-Bird-watching can be an exciting activity for elders that enjoy the outdoors and even those that cannot venture outside. Now that Spring has arrived, birds are building nests and chirping outside windows just waiting to put on a show.

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