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Preventing Hip Fractures in Elders

Elder Care Tacoma WA-Family caregivers may not quite understand how serious a hip fracture can be, but they can do a lot to help prevent this devastating injury from happening to their elderly loved one.

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Dangers of a Broken Hip in Seniors

Home Care Seattle WA-Family caregivers that worry about their elderly loved one breaking their hip need to do everything they can to prevent the injury. If it does happen, they can play a big role in the quality of the recovery.

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Finding Balance Between Caregiving and the Rest of Your Life

Senior Care Seattle WA-When family caregivers start to struggle to find balance between their elderly parents and the rest of their lives, it’s time for them to be proactive. Here are a few things that family caregivers to aging parents can do to ensure that everyone’s needs are being taken care of.

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What Does Caregiver Burnout Look Like?

Caregiver Tacoma WA-Becoming the caregiver to an aging parent poses challenges in more ways than one. Family caregiver burnout is a real possibility. Learn to recognize the signs before you reach your breaking point.

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Walking Shoes for Elderly Loved Ones

Homecare Bellevue WA-If your elderly loved one has expressed an interest in regular walking, or you are working a daily walk into your loved one’s elder homecare routine, it’s a great way to keep seniors healthy. Before you and your loved one hit the park trails, however, you must make sure they have a pair of good walking shoes.

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