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How to Convince Your Elderly Loved One that a Personal Alert Device Is a Good Idea

Elderly Care Bellevue WA

Elderly Care Bellevue WA

Personal medical alert systems started years ago with a device that loved ones could wear around their necks and then press a button if they fell and couldn’t get back up. Today’s devices are just as helpful but they’re more intricate, offering wearable devices along with buttons throughout the house. Your loved one might not think they’re as great an idea as you do, though.

Talk Up the Benefits
Your loved one needs to understand why this is such an important device for her own safety. Letting her know all the built-in features is great, but that doesn’t let her know how it can help her the most. Instead, let your loved one know that it offers protection in case she isn’t able to call someone for help. Some offer video feeds, so that type of device could be handy if she’s unable to get to a phone. Pick one or two of the main benefits and focus on those.

Reassure Her This Isn’t to Keep Track of Her
One very valid concern that your elderly loved one might have is that the device could be used to check up on her or to keep track of her throughout the day. Make sure that you let her know that it’s only for emergencies and not to see what she’s doing or where she is. Some devices don’t even look like the personal alert devices of old. Your loved one might use an app on her smartphone or have one that looks and operates like a fitness tracker.

Break Down Why It’s Important to You
You’re having this conversation with your loved one because it’s important to you and your loved one needs to understand why. If she’s had falls before, for example, or if she has a medical condition that could make it difficult for her to call for help, this kind of device could really help. Some elderly loved ones are resistant to having elder care providers with them when their caregiver is away, so this could be a compromise. Let your loved one hear from your heart exactly why you need her to use this device.

Don’t Force the Issue
Above all, don’t tell your elderly loved one that she’s going to have to use this device, no matter what. You have to give her something of a choice in the matter or she won’t use it the way that it’s intended. Once she agrees to use it, she might find that it’s handier than she ever suspected but you can’t make her take advantage of the service if she really doesn’t want to use it.

It may take more than one conversation with your loved one on this topic, but remember to speak from the heart.

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