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5 Things Seniors Realize About Their Safety Once They Hire Homecare

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Homecare Renton WAHiring a homecare aide or series of caregivers can be one of the best decisions an elderly person can make, especially if he or she is having difficulty tending to their own basic care. There are a lot of lessons people learn in life, and it doesn’t stop just because you hit 65 years of age.

Below are five things some seniors come to realize about their safety at home after they’ve hired an aide.

1. “I wasn’t as safe as I thought.”

This is a big one. Many people assume they’re safe at home, even as they have difficulty getting out of bed, getting up and down the stairs, or stepping into and out of the shower.

As people get older, they may recognize the changes in their physical capabilities and their strength, but they may not correlate that with safety. When they begin working with a homecare aide, they often realize how compromised their safety had been.

2. “Experience really does make a difference.”

People assume that a homecare aide is just somebody who’s helping with basic chores around the house. The more experienced a caregiver is, the more likely he or she is going to discover certain challenges that can impact safety for an elderly client.

Many seniors realize that the more experienced a homecare aide is, the more safety issues they can spot and help correct.

3. “I’m not alone in this.”

Seniors who live alone and may feel isolated because their friends have passed away or moved away or they don’t have a lot of visitors may be at an increased risk of depression. They may also feel they’re alone in this journey through the rest of their life.

By having a compassionate and caring individual stopping by regularly, they begin to realize they aren’t alone.

4. “It’s comforting to know other seniors deal with the same issues.”

When we’re going through a difficult time in our life, we often feel like we are the only ones facing those challenges. By relying on an experienced homecare aide, seniors often realize through conversations with this caregiver that other seniors are dealing with many of the same issues.

5. “I can be safe.”

A person who has diminished strength, balance related problems, and other challenges might not feel they can be safe. Once they begin relying on an experienced caregiver, they realize they truly can.

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